About Us


Sumuka Agro is a publicly listed food brand in India. We are a retailer, trader and franchisor that provides a wide variety of convenient and delicious food items such as namkeens and dry fruits across India.

We understand the needs of health-conscious consumers, especially since the pandemic. Hence, quality and hygiene are the core values that drive our business decisions.


Our Mission

The success of any business is measured in a financial matrix. But we at Sumako Agro believe that the financial matrix is just a byproduct of providing quality products to customers. We believe if we concentrate on providing quality to our customers, they will automatically make our financial matrix look great and grow our business. Being in the food business, we have created an ecosystem that helps us to provide products with a unique combination of taste, quality and hygiene.


How we started

Being in the business of business, Shaili had good experience in business strategy, operations, financial controlling and policy setups. She noticed a business potential in providing quality food products even in the crowded Fast Moving Consumer Goods market.

From there started a new direction for our company which has been listed since 1995. This new direction led to the journey of providing snacks and dry fruits of good quality and taste across India. People connect over food and memories of food remain forever. We want to connect with our customers through the taste and quality of our food. As a company, we provide a combination of a legacy organization with the zeal of a startup. We are a start-up in the food business but with the legacy of an experienced organization.

Quality Assured

Hygienically Prepared



Management Team

  • Mr. Paresh Thakker- Managing Director
  • Ms. Shaili Patel – Executive Director
  • Mr. Bhavin Mehta – Executive Director
  • Mr. Nishit Doshi – Independent Director
  • Mr. Jameel Ur Rehman – Independent Director

  • Ms. Manasmita Patra – Non Executive Director
  • Ms. Shaili Patel – Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Aakash Parekh – Company Secretary & Compliance Office