Gujjubhai Khakhra & Bhakhri

Gujjubhai's Khakhra and Bhakhri

Gujjubhai is the popular leading brand & Manufacturer of Gujarati snacks and is well known for its Products Khakhra, Bhakhri, and Namkeens Which are Tasty and Healthy and Available in a Variety of Flavors. all Products of gujjubhai are made of 100% Wheat flour and finest Ingredients which are pure natural and fresh, Providing you variety of flavours.



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Khakhra is a Popular Gujrati Cuisine of Western India, It’s a dry snack made of 100% whole wheat, and natural spices and can be appreciated with breakfast and evening tea, best during Get-together, friend’s parties, and family functions.  






Biscuit Bhakhri is a popular bread also called thick bhakhri due to its thick crisp texture. A very famous food is consumed in the western part of India (Gujarat & Rajasthan). You can have a variety of flavors with tea, also enjoy it as a pizza base for a healthy wheat option for your happy family.