Khakhra – Ways to Eat for better taste.

Ways of eating Khakhra for Better Taste.

khakhra bhakhri & namkeens

Khakra is a Populer Gujarati dry snack in the form of a thin cracker. This dish is an integral part of the Gujarati cuisines of Western India which is made from whole wheat flour, besan, low-fat milk, chili powder, salt, oil, etc( other Ingredients for flavor taste). 

Ways we eat Plain Khakhra are as below :

  1. Jiralu and ghee spread on Khakhra
  2. Margapudi and ghee spread on Khakra (My mother in law make the best Margapudi)
  3. Methi Masala and Ghee spread on Khakra
  4. Khakhra with green chutney
  5. Mamra, Jiralu, sev, and ghee spread on Khakhra
  6. We make a dish called Rasiya Muthiya (which is made of rice) and Khakhra.
  7. Curd with some salt and Khakhra
  8. Sugar and ghee spread on Khakhra (This was my childhood favorite, not anymore)
  9. Moong curry and khakhra
  10. Papad and Khakhra
  11. Khichiya and Khakhra
  12. Dry Peanut chutney and Khakhra
  13. Crush and mix khakhra, papad, sugar, ghee, and methi masala. (My mom makes the best and easy to carry when you are traveling)
  14. Crush Khakhra and add to warm sweet milk and eat it up all.
  15. Or just with Tea or coffee

If You Had Tried/ have any other ways of eating khakhra and bhakhri then please mention and comment below.

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